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Red Sea Diving

I've just gotten back from a two week trip to Egypt. The purpose of the trip was mainly to visit family as my uncle has just been diagnosed with cancer, so I did very little tourism. I'm very glad I went, as I got to not only support my mother, aunt, and uncle, but also got to see all of my cousins and extended family that I hadn't seen since my last trip over six years ago! My uncle is now doing ok - not 100%, but a lot better than before.

The one thing that I did for myself while I was there was go to Sharm el Sheikh - a beautiful resort town in the Sinai - and dove in the Red Sea. This was on my bucket list since I learned to dive in 2015, and once I saw the my uncle was doing ok I booked the tickets and went on about 2 days notice. It was fantastic - definitely on my bucket list for a reason, and would totally go back given an opportunity!

Why? Well, I could tell you but really just check out the video below. Saying that it was like swimming in an aquarium doesn't …

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