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Don't Text and Canoe

Canada was turning 150 and instead of planning an epic party in Ottawa or Toronto, I decided that I wanted to be with my family in Canada. What could be more Canadian than sitting around a campfire with family at the cottage? Little did I know how epic this Canada Day was about to be!

On the morning of Canada Day (July 1st), I decided to swim across our lake. We're at the narrowed part of Sandy Lake, so it's only about 800 to 900 m across (about a half mile). Since it's dangerous to swim alone with summer boat traffic, I asked my brother to spot me from the canoe. I figured he and my niece would have a good time, and it's a fairly easy paddle across the lake and back. I gave him my waterproof diving camera so that they could take pictures, and handed him my phone in a ziplock bag to record the route on Strava. I shouted to him to start recording and put the phone in his pocket before I jumped in and started swimming.

After that I was completely focussed on swimming. I …

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