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C++ Dev on a Mac (or other platforms)

TL;DR I wrote a guide for quickly setting up a C++ dev environment. It's over on github at
I'm taking Coursera / Stanford's course on cryptography to brush up on the fundamentals. I figured I should do some of the example problems in C++, that way not only do I get to know crypto better, but I also brush up on C++ and learn the crypto libraries at the same time. I didn't need anything too complicated, just a C++ dev environment that will compile a class or two, unit tests, and the crypto library. Nothing too fancy, right?

My first attempt was Xcode. I don't need anything cross-platform, just a sandbox basically, so Xcode should work. I was almost instantly disappointed, for the following reasons:

No out-of-the box support for gtest. I was hoping this would be as easy as File -> New -> C++ Test Case. Nope.Difficult to configure C++ 17 support. This should be an easy setting. Instead you have to dive into compiler co…

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