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Kitten Attack!

Apparently I've now had one breakup too many and the universe has decided that it's time for me to become a crazy cat dude.

I went to frisbee practice at UFMG on Tuesday night, and when I go there, there were two kittens just running around playing with anyone who would give them attention. They were tiny - about the size of your hand, and couldn't be more than about 45 days old. We looked around for a while and couldn't find mama-cat, anyone that might be an owner, or anything about where they came from. They were just there. At exactly the spot I got out of the Uber. Like they were waiting for me.

I couldn't just leave them there. But I also had a practice to run. So I changed from my running shoes into my cleats, and used the shoelaces from my runners to tie them up to one of the backpacks. We gave them some water, and eventually a friend of one of the players managed to get some milk (which I found out afterwards they were too old for, but I didn't know tha…

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