Your Strategy Guide to Life

I've used up my supply of easily or already written posts, so while I think through some new ones I'll link you to something great that I kinda wish I'd written. As my friend Linda says best, they've gone and done that thing so now I don't have to.

Oliver Emberton and Kotaku have put together Your Strategy Guide To Life. What if life were a video game. How would you write the strategy guide? Here's what I'd add to it.

The skills tree in Life is huge, with many different paths. Many of the skills lead to other skills and can be used in combination. Being really good at a particular set of skills is called mastery. It's important to pick which areas of mastery you're interested in. While you can attain mastery in several different areas with enough hard work, it's impossible to master everything, and even a few areas will take a significant amount of time. Something that seems good on the surface, such as learning how to fly an airplane, can take a large amount of time and not necessarily lead to what you want.

Think carefully about what you want your Life player to be like, and make your choices that lead there.


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