I saw Frozen last night, and all I can say is wow - and this has nothing to do with the singing! Yes, the musicals were great and the movie is a lot of fun. That's not what impressed me. I'd expected the movie to be the usual Disney - fun, well animated, and catchy. I also expected the usual patriarchal BS that normally comes from a Disney movie. The princess is helpless and has to be saved. Said princess also has to find "the one" - the prince that makes for the happily ever after.

Frozen started that way, but about halfway through spin the whole concept on its head. I don't want to throw in too many spoilers in case anyone hasn't seen it yet. Suffice it to say that the princesses of this story are far from helpless. I suppose having it set in Scandinavia helps (I'm pretty sure it's Norway, based on the the Northern Lights, fjords, the accent of the shopkeeper, and references to Sauna, but it could also be Finland or Sweden) as they have some of the most progressive cultures when it comes to women and well a lot of things, but that sure didn't stop Disney from butchering Pocahontas.

Thank you Disney for stepping into the 21st century. More like this will be very much appreciated. Indeed, there is still more that you can do. If you keep on going with this direction, I'll be very happy to once again make time for Disney movies. For a start, I'm looking forward to showing Frozen to my niece!


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