Shake Your Brain

It's been a rough week, with lots of news about how the world can be a crappy place, particularly for women. How about something a little more positive? How would you like to make the world a slightly better place? All it takes is an email.

Last weekend I went to Second City with my family because we all needed something happy and fun. It was a great show, and like all good comedy there was more than a little social commentary mixed in. One of their skits was a song called "Shake Your Brain". They were riffing on rap and hip hop, but instead of it being about women showing off T&A as you'd expect in rap, it was about how women can show off their brain and be awesome. It was both hilarious and very sharply worded.

Now that is a video that I'd like to see on YouTube! Heck, I'd pay $20 for it if it was on iTunes right now. But as of right now, the only way to see it is to go see the show at Second City. Here's where you come in. Do you want to hear the song? The person to ask is Klaus Schuller. Email him and say that you want to see Shake Your Brain turned into a video. Or tweet @SecondCityTO or post to the Second City Facebook page saying the same thing. Would you pay for it on iTunes? Make sure to mention that.

Personally, I'd much rather show my niece this song than Baby Got Back. I've got nothing against Sir Mix-a-lot, but Shake Your Brain is a brilliant parody and I'd much rather be sending my niece that she can be brilliant and awesome!


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