Rock on, man!

I must be regressing to teenagehood. I now have an electric guitar, and I love it! It's used and far from perfect and probably absolutely the wrong guitar to start on (it has a floating bridge), but I love the sound it makes. I want to make all teh noise! Which is about all I can do, since I don't actually know how to play anything properly right now. Well, other than a few chords that I can play clumsily.

I also have Rocksmith. Man, if I'd started on this in high school I would have totally been into guitar for the rest of my life! Though it's probably a good thing that I didn't, since I'm not sure I would have made it into, let alone through UW Engineering in that case! I might end up spending a lot of time playing this game this weekend.

Speaking of which, between Trump and the fact that someone was robbed at gunpoint - in broad daylight - in front of my building this week, I'm seriously tempted to simply stay in my apartment forever. I can do that, right? If I stay here, play guitar, and write software, then the boogeymen (including the spray-tan menace) can't get me right?


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