My review of Her on Rotten Tomatoes:

Amazing how it takes a machine to properly explore human emotions and relationships. This is honestly one of the most beautiful movies I’ve ever watched. Everything fits together so perfectly to paint a complete picture of what romantic relationships are about today. This isn’t a movie about a new technology, that’s just a gateway to exploring the human condition.

A friend recently recommended that I watch “her”, and now it’s my turn to pay this forward. Go watch this movie. No really, unless you’re devoid of all human interaction you *need* to make time to see this movie. You’ve probably heard phrases like “the movie of the year” and “a movie like this only comes around once a decade,” but not from me.

The whole lists of reasons *why* it’s such a great movie will be the subject of another post. For now, the short version is that for the first time in as long as I can remember, Hollywood did something very not-hollywood: they presented something close to real people in real relationships, and actually explored what’s going on today. It might just be my bias as a technologist, but this really hit home.


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