Travel Tips

  • Get your vaccines done at least 2 weeks before you leave. Of course, planning your trip more than 2 weeks in advance is also a good idea.

  • Don’t plan any major deadlines the night before you leave.

  • Definitely don’t change jobs a few days before you leave.

  • Consider packing more than 12 hours in advance, or at least starting to assemble the things you need

I didn’t manage to do any of the above myself, though I’d highly recommend them. The items below I did manage, and came in quite handy.

  • Get currency exchanged at somewhere like Currency Converters ahead of time. Better rates than the banks, ATM’s, credit cards, and way better than you’ll get at the airport.

  • Register with for travel advisories. The Canadian Government isn’t completely useless when it comes to emergencies, so give them a chance to help you.

  • Print out a copy of all of your travel docs (tickets, hotel reservations, copy of your passport, etc) 

  • Also put a copy of all of your travel docs on Google Drive. You can then access them remotely if needed. On your devices, you can then mark them to be available offline, and you might not even need the paper copies.

  • Make sure to feed the cat before you leave. This is most important.



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