New vs Old

It’s relatively easy to say “this new technology is bad” and yearn for “simpler times.” But that’s an illusion. We want all of the benefits of a new technology, but don’t want any of the new problems it creates. Meanwhile, the old ways have their old problems that we don’t remember because the new tech solved them.

Likewise, simply embracing everything new as being good isn’t helpful either. New technology does have it’s own problems - or more accurately, learning how to properly use new tech will always be a problem.

Here’s an example: people claiming that we all stare at our phones and don’t interact any more. I’m pretty sure that if you went back to New York in the 80’s and observed people at Time Square, you’d see about the same number of people talking or not talking to each other as today. Likewise with trains and newspapers. Sure, we all use our phones a ton. That doesn’t mean that we’re not interacting, nor that things are necessarily worse than they were before.

Balancing both the new and improved ways with the human needs that haven’t changed is the tricky part. Perhaps I’m still young and naïve, but I won’t shrink from the challenges of new technology. Nor will I  take up every new thing as the best ever. Between those two is a middle path. I’m hoping to find people who will walk that path with me.


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